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6 Months + My Wish List for Santa

Hi there, Barret here. Momma came home with cupcakes yesterday and told me it was my 6 month ampuversary! Wow how time flies 🙂 Untitled

Nothing much new to report on in our house. I keep being a naughty boy and sitting on the kitchen table and chairs. Mom said she might try feeding me dinner at the table once. That’d be fun! It certainly won’t discourage the bad behavior though.

We also had 2 snows last week. I HATE snow. It’s cold and wet and cold. I hide when it is time to go potty, I’d rather hold it forever than take a walk in that stuff. Here’s the only picture mom got of me in the snow. I had to run out quick and be referee with my brother and sister play-fighting, then I ran straight back inside.

The only thing I like about the snow is that it means Christmas is soon here. That’s my favorite holiday. I love helping open presents! Speaking of presents, I wrote on my mom’s blog my wish list for Santa. Hop over to That Pet Blog and read it 🙂


Stay warm, my Tripawd friends!

~ by BarretsMomHeather on December 12, 2013 .

6 Responses to “6 Months + My Wish List for Santa”

  1.   Karma Says:

    Oh Barret! What is it about sitting on the dining table for you? Is it that you just want to be up high and smack in the middle of everything that might or might not be going on? I love your pajamas by the way. Very cute. I hope Santa brings you many things from your list.

  2.   micaroxy Says:

    Barret, you naughty boy 🙂 You know, Santa will only bring you presents if you are on your best behaviour!

    Love your long johns. And I love seeing your precious face!

    You should probably learn to love the snow; I think it’s going to be here for a while!

    Hope Santa gets you all the stuff on your wish list!

    Mica, Zeus and Angel Roxy.

  3.   Michelle Says:

    Hahah Barret. Kitchen tables are not supposed to be sat on just at. Although I do agree that doesn’t discourage your habit. I love the jammies but tell your momma you need a coat when you go out in the snow.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4.   fourminipups Says:

    Barrett – You are rocking those long johns! Happy six month Ampuversary!!!

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  5.   benny55 Says:

    How can ne dog be so cute…ever picture…CUTE’ CUTE’ CUTE!!

    And no one rocks those long johns like yo do!

    I javen’t loo,ed at you list yet. Ma I suggest a lamp shade? Why, you ask? Because when you sit n that tavle you look like an exquisite lamp!


    Love to you and your pack!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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