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Not Ready to Say Goodbye

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My dearest Barret –

There will never be another like you. You beat cancer 7 years ago, only to succumb now to another tumor, this time inoperable. You have been by my side for as long as I can remember. The idea of never hearing your clip-clop Tripawd trot through the house again is so hard to bear.

I am not ready to say goodbye.  No one ever is. Thank you for hanging in there as long as you have. I know you’re ready now. I will love you forever.


12 years young

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~ by BarretsMomHeather on January 16, 2021 .

8 Responses to “Not Ready to Say Goodbye”

  1.   Murphsmom Kathi Says:

    Oh, Heather, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your hero. I remember you so well from Murphy’s time before the Bridge. Barrett had an amazing run on three. Now he is with all his Tripawd buddies and running on four. He is probably telling them Alaska tales.


  2.   jerry Says:

    Oh Heather, our heart hurts for you guys, we are so very, very sorry. Barret has always been such an inspawration and a love bug, we are deeply sorry that he is getting his angel wings. It is never, ever easy.

    I hope you’ll take comfort in knowing that our Wyatt will be there, and so will Jerry and all the Tripawd heroes who are waiting for him with a huge pawty at the Bridge. It’s gonna be a rowdy time for those pups!

    We love you guys and send the hugest hugs ever. Thank you for letting us know.

    •   BarretsMomHeather Says:

      Thank you so much <3 for everything – including creating this space to help people going through what Barret and I went through. I made lifelong connections and learned so much through this group. When the time is right, I will be looking for another tripawd to adopt.

  3.   benny55 Says:

    Oh Heather….it breaks my heart to read this. I am so very, very sorry.

    No one could understand the bond and depth of love we form with our Tripawds on thos very unique journey. The bloss of seeing them adapt and thrive and live life to the fullest gives us the highest of highs. And then when the day comes that we have to give them the gift of release…the greatest act of love we can ever give them….it is a depth of despair that seems like ot will never leave us.

    You and Barrett have inspired us….and shall continue to ispire us as we share how he SURVIVED this piece of crap disease for over seven years!! It’s Barrett’s joir ey that will give hope to anyone new starting this journey. He will be a Beacon of Hope eternally here.

    In fact I’ve referenced Barrett many times for one specific instance that has stayed with me all these years. It was when Barrett wok up and couldn’t walk….couldn’t stand. Yoj rushed him to the Vet. By the time you got there he was walking just fine! The Vet determined his leg had merely “fallen to sleep” and he just needed a few minutes to shake it off. So when someone tells me their dog just woke up and can stand, I tell them Barrett’s story.

    His pictures are ALWAYA the cutest pictures ever!! But one of my favor was when he jumped up on the table and just sat there like he owned it!!

    No dog could have had a better earth life. It was full of fun and love and adventure and lots of spoiling. I firmly believe your love and commitment to making hos life sk happy is what helped Barrett beat that disease!

    Heather, please know, please, please know,it is an honor to know Barrett and his pack and his hoomans. We are so privileged to have been able to celebrate his victorious journey with you. Make no mistake about it, he will continue to live a life of meaning here and touch lives.

    When you can, I hope you will share more of his Alaskan adventures. And know this….he WILL connect with you so pay attention.

    With love,
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  4.   Michelle Says:

    Oh Heather. No way… I remember Barett so well. I was just wondering how he was doing the other day. You are in my prayers. This journey of grief sucks. I know going through it again as well. My heart is right there with you. Barett got to do something I wanted to do and is on my bucket list is to see Alaska.

    Sending love and hugs

    Michelle, Jasmine, Chief and Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Snickers

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