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Cheers for new beginnings 2 weeks post-op

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Stiches come out today!Today is a new start, both for me and for Barret.

For Barret, those itchy stitches can come out and hopefully we can start weaning off the pain medications soon.

I’m trying my best to give myself a new start too. I don’t have to tell most of you, but my life virtually came to a crashing halt once Barret was diagnosed. I dropped everything to research and dote on my poor baby. All of my free time was spent reading various cancer books, checking information online, and clinging to my lifeline,

I was depressed. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t concentrate at work. I ate everything unhealthy in sight (self-medicating). I stopped going to the gym. If I wasn’t at work, I was at home in my sweats feeling pity for myself and my dog.

I’ve resolved it’s time to end that way of life. I got up this morning and went to the gym (and let me tell you, 6 weeks without the gym and I was DYING). I had a salad for lunch (I am hungry now, lol). I start grad school next Monday. I’ve been pretty productive today, well at least until I brought Barret into the office around lunch time.

Bring your tripawd to work day!
Today we lose the stitches. Tomorrow is our 2 week ampuversary. Day by day, the pain he is in seems to get better. Nights are still terribly difficult for him, he is seemingly having phantom limb pain and has trouble getting comfortable. He is getting around without any difficulty and can navigate the steps like a champ. I almost have my Barret back. The sun in shining and things are looking up!

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4 Responses to “Cheers for new beginnings 2 weeks post-op”

  1.   Christine Says:

    Hip Hip Horray!! Hip Hip Horray!! It does get easier.. and they do get around with no troubles.. and they are free from pain.. and happier!! And, best of all…. the spark does come back in their eyes.. and we fall in love with them all over again!! I’m so glad to hear things are going well.. for the both of you! And how can you not fall in love with that sweet, sute, smoochie, just wanna kiss between the eyes face!! I’m talking about Barrett Heather.. lol ;O)

  2.   Michelle Says:

    Yay Heather. It does get better. I gave up the gym because that was the only way I could afford to do what I am doing for Sassy. I felt she was & is more important. There will be a day I can afford to go back and will. It wasn’t just Sassy at the time though I had some medical issues and major bills for myself. So financially it wasn’t possible. But I self medicate when I get depressed to. LOL. I crave sweets a lot which is bad for a diabetic.

    But enough of that. Hip HIp HOrray for Barrett’s 2 week ampuversary. Keep going Barrett we know you can do it buddy. 🙂


    Michelle & Dassy.

  3.   BarretsMomHeather Says:

    Thanks guys.. and when I say “gym” I really mean the room with some free weights and treadmills that comes with my homeowner’s association fee. I’d have to pay it either way so I might as well use it!!

    My addiction is chocolate. MmmMmm craving some now!

  4.   benny55 Says:

    Heather, you need to know ow difficult it is for me to read through your posts. No, really, it’s time you fpknow the truth! I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT BARRET’S PHOTOS LONG ENOUGH TO READ!!

    That dog, without question, knows how to “mug” foe the camera! And those eyes…those eyes love the camera!

    And we all love you and your boy!

    Bringing some familiarity—-some normalcy—back into your life are important for you and Barret.

    I keep scrolling back p to look at his picture while typing. The way it looks at the camera with those adorable eyes……..cannot get enough Barret!

    For whatever it’s worth, Happy Hannah had “uncomfortable and very restless nights” inter dispersed with some whimpers well into three weeks. K was definitely seeing more of “her” coming back. ore and more consistently and I stayed downstairs sleeping beside her for several more weeks. I know Barret is on track for a much faster recovery but just wanted you to know he’s still within the boundaries of norm”!

    Yeah Michelle and Heather, I’m a sweets-a-holic…..if I’m happy, I eat sweets; if I’m not, I eat sweets…..if I’m hu try, I ear sweets-if I’m not hungry, I eat sweets….if I’m breathing…….yeah, you get the picture:-) 🙂

    So glad all is well Heather! You are an amazing pawparents and a wonderful supporter to all of us on this journey!

    I think it’s time for a picture with Barret and his red rubber ball!! Come on! Please!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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