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1 Month Milestone!

Barret here, Mom’s been too busy catching up on work and studying Accounting to update the site much, so I hopped on to let everyone know that today is my 1 month ampuversary! I’ve been helping her study though.


I don’t really know what ampuversary means because I’ve always had 3 legs, right? I don’t remember having four of them. All I know is that Mom got the red ball out of hiding. I wasn’t really that excited about fetch like I used to be, but I was still happy to see that the red ball was safe and sound.

The only medicine I’m on is Gabapentin, but it doesn’t affect me at all. I still wince a little when I scratch my scar too hard, but otherwise I feel completely back to normal!

Happy Ampuversary to me, gotta run, Mom said I can have some watermelon and ice cream for snack as a special treat 🙂

Tripawd with his red ball

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6 Responses to “1 Month Milestone!”

  1.   rica55 Says:

    Hoppy ampuversary to the cutest doggy we ever seen!!!!!!!

  2.   Michelle Says:

    Hoppy Ampuversary Barrett. hope it was a special one.

  3.   benny55 Says:

    RED BALL? You got the RED BALL today?? YAY BARRETT! And watermelon andice cream too?! Good job Barrett!!

    Hard to beleve it’s been one month alreasy! You came out of the gate running and haven’t stopped!

    Yo look very imtellgent in your glasses young man. Is it Professor Barrett now?

    And what’s this about not chasing your RED BALL? I bet because you’ve become such a super star, you have “your people” chase the ball for you and bring it back to lay before you at your feet…..or foot:-)

    You still take the cutuest photos and really know how to “work the camera”! You are adorable Barrett!

    Happh Hannah loves watermelon too! So we’re celebrating over here with ice cream topped with a couple of chunks of melon. Yummy in the tummy!

    Thanks for the great update and the always wonderful pictures that make us all smile!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    •   BarretsMomHeather Says:

      Thanks everyone!!

      Sally, yes, we’ll throw the ball and he just looks at us like “Um, aren’t you going to go fetch that”. LOL

      He has become a spoiled little BRAT, but I love him even more than I thought possible. <3

  4.   jerry Says:

    It’s a red ball pawty for everypawdy! Hoppy Ampuversary Barret, you are a champ and a role model for all! I’m so glad to hear your sparkle is coming back. Pretty soon you can get off the Gaba too.

    Will you come help me with accounting too? You look pretty smart there in those nifty glasses.

  5.   Codie Rae Says:

    Happy Hippy Hoppy Ampuversary Barret! Way to rock the tripawds world!

    Codie Rae

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