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I’m Fine, but Momma’s Traumatized

Where's the cheese-dogsHad to share a pic of Sara, she looks too pathetic here

Barret’s on hyperdrive, I swear. Yesterday he fell trying to get up on the back of the sofa and took a good tumble, was tripping all over his own feet and sliding around, crashing into things a lot playing with his sister, and then during our walk he fell a few steps behind to sniff, got all three legs tangled in his leash, ran to catch up and… BOOM big, hard faceplant right on the sidewalk.

He got up like nothing happened and wanted to keep going. Me, on the other hand, I am completely traumatized. I kept playing the “what if” game.. what if he broke a leg, chipped a tooth, put an eye out…

Where's the cheese-dogs
The main issue I’m having walking the dogs is that when there is slack in the leash, he gets tangled in it. Until this week we were letting him use the long extendable leash so he could go at his own pace. Now its time to get back to our regular schedule and that means Momma walks all the dogs at the same time. No extendable leashes, its too dangerous.

The first thing I tried was a harness that is nearly idenditcal to the Tripawds Convert Harness. It was called the Dean and Tyler DT Harness from Amazon.

I had to send it back because he could slip even the XXS size with ease.

I tried a RuffWear harness (on the dog, not me) locally and the size that fits his chest is super bulky on him and the buckle is right at his peepee.. eww. I also tried a regular mesh harness with no luck.

Barret might be the cutest pup, but he has an ODD body shape. He can slip pretty much anything other than a martingale collar.

Now I’m thinking that since slack in the leash is the problem, I’m considering this Planet Dog 6 foot extendable leash, but some of the bad reviews scare me about it breaking when a dog lunges.

Thoughts, suggestions appreciated!

Thanks, Heather

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6 Responses to “I’m Fine, but Momma’s Traumatized”

  1.   Christine Says:

    hmmm… I used an extendable leash with Franklin.. and.. he had a chest harness.. not clipped on his collar.. he never caught caught up in the leash.. and I walked my other Springer Maggie at the same time too.
    One think you have to remember though is that Barret will never “walk” you know that.. he has a gallop!! That is why I chose the extendable so that Franklin could get ahead of me if he wanted to..
    sorry.. guess I was not really much help there!

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Mo insight…..just commenting on the adorable photos!

    Clearly Barret taught Sara how to pose nd use her wonderful eyes to just melt your heart!

    But that Barret!! THE cutest of cute!!

    For the buckle that’s irritaingmhis “pee pee”………doe they make doggy jock starps?:-)

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3.   jerry Says:

    Heather, you may want to try the Convert harness. It’s pricey but it really fits front leggers so well, and nearly impossible to slip out of.

    As for the leashes, I’m not in favor of any retractable leash. All dogs, even front leg Tripawds, can walk on a flat leash, as long as you get your sneakers on and prepare to walk a little faster.

    Try not to worry about Barret (uh huh yeah right right?!). He’s not upset by his stumbles, so you shouldn’t be either. It’s all part of learning and moving on. Dogs are SO good at it!

    •   BarretsMomHeather Says:

      Hi Rene,
      Yes, I hate hate hate extendable leashes too. I do use them for letting them out in my back yard in the rain, but that is it. Never ever in public. We practically RUN to keep up with him now, but the frequent stops for sniffing while the other two dogs keep going… that’s what is causing him and sometimes myself to get tangled and trip. It may just be a matter of practice makes perfect.

      The issue we’re having with harnesses fitting is that he has a 20.5 inch chest, but a 6 inch neck and small head (not to mention that his fur is SLIPPERY as heck!). So once you’ve adjusted the harness to fit the chest, all he has to do is back away from you on the leash and slip it right over his head, it doesn’t even take too much effort. I’m not sure that will solve the issue of him tripping in his leash though.

      I’m thinking of designing a custom harness for him. I design and make my dog’s collars, so I’ve got the supplies. I think I’ll use mesh, like the mesh harness, but make a vest with one arm hole, fasten it with Velcro, add supporting straps and a D ring…. HA, like I have time to do this! Maybe I’ll try the Convert after all. I just wish it was a little prettier~!

  4.   fourminipups Says:

    You might want to try the Perfect Fit harness. It comes in 3 pieces and you can size them for each area it covers. This is what I got for Shooter and love it. Comes out of the UK, but very fast and great customer service.

    Poor Barrett and poor Mom!! Hang in there – face plants are a fact of life in tripawd world.

    Luanne and Shooter

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