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Business as usual

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I’m sorry Barret and I have been absent from Tripawds for a week or two. I have a greater appreciation for the veterans of this site who take the time to come to the site every day and help everyone. Now that Barret is doing good and I am not flipping out over every faceplant, I’ve been able to focus on work and school and I feel like there is no time for anything else! We already cancelled our cable TV because we just don’t have time to watch it! So, THANK YOU to all the veterans who are reading this.

As far as Barret’s recovery goes, nothing new to report, except a cute puppy covered in mud.

Dirty tripawd at grammie's

The last few days I’ve been obsessed with figuring out if the tumor is growing back. The tissue around where a stump would have been doesn’t appear to be changing, but I am keeping a close eye on it. I’m sure Barret is wondering why Mommy keeps feeling him up all the time, LOL! Any veterans with soft tissue cancer have any tips on spotting if it has returned?

Have a terrific weekend, Tripawds!
Barret & Heather

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~ by BarretsMomHeather on July 26, 2013 .

6 Responses to “Business as usual”

  1.   Christine Says:

    can you say… cute, cute CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!
    I just want to gather him up in my arms, snuggle him and give him a belly rub!!! Belly rubs are a great way to check out that incision without Barret knowing!! lol
    I’m so glad to hear that everything is getting better.. and easier for you Heather!!!
    It does our heart good to see our babies pain free…
    Now.. Barret.. get back in that mud will ya!!!

  2.   jessk Says:

    Glad to hear everything is going good for Barret, and you haven’t had any complications with his recovery. I am working on your portraits on the weekends. I got 2 out of 3 done! I know it’s taking a while, but I wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about them. 🙂

  3.   benny55 Says:

    He Heather! As long as we get ictures of that ADORABLE mug every ow and then…along with great updates….thar’s good enough for us!!

    I keep scrolling back p to look at that mug!!! Everytime I see his pnoto I thi k kt’s the cutest EVER!! Here we go again…..this IS the cutest EVER:-) 🙂 🙂

    Tke some down time for you and enjoy just being with his energy and living like a sog!


    Sally and Napoh Hannah

  4.   Michelle Says:

    Very cute pictures Barret. Everyone checks for lumps and bumps etc.
    Hey i felt a bump on Sassy’s leg & freaked out. It was just a wart but hey at least i was looking

    michelle & sassy

  5.   jerry Says:

    Hey Heather, never apologize for going out there and having a ball with your pack! We’re just hoppy that he’s doing fine and you are focused on having a great life. You are always welcome here no matter how long you’ve been away.

    Meanwhile, I think it’s a great idea to keep an eye on any lumpy bumpy spots. Start a lump diagram of Barret if you haven’t already and measure them carefully. Then keep an eye on them and let your vet know if anything grows. We sure hope not!

  6.   fourminipups Says:

    Love seeing that beautiful face! I think he decided he needed one of those upscale facials!!

    Ah yes, the search for lumps. Unfortunately, Shooter developed another mast cell tumor right on his amp site which made it inoperable. It grew rapidly, but with the change to his chemo, seems to have shrunk some and is not growing. Never hurts to keep an eye on anything but most are prettymundane. We just have to accept anything that comes along just like our dogs do.

    Give Barrett a hug.

    Luanne and Shooter

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