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I’m my sister’s hero today

Dog fell out of the carBarret here, Mom wasn’t there when this happened, so I get to tell this story!

Mom dropped us off at the babysitter’s (aka Grammie) this morning before work. Dad came to pick us up later. On the way home in Dad’s car we were just riding with the windows down partially. Sara jumped up on the window and it went down the rest of the way. It all happened so fast we aren’t sure if she jumped or fell…or maybe Gatsby gave her a push, but then she was outside of the car and we were speeding away!

This is where I become the hero. I let out a loud bark to tell Daddy what happened. He turned around and didn’t see Sara so he quickly pulled over. He ran back down the road towards her where she was just standing.. Kind of shocked in the middle of a busy road. Some lady stopped traffic for her while daddy scooped her up. He did a quick check, didn’t see anything broken so he rushed us home.

When we got home mommy got her first aid bag out, checked Sara all over, cleaned up some bloody scrapes on her legs, and checked her vitals. Good thing she took that first aid class last year. Now I’m off to take a nap, being a hero is hard work.

I’m taking it from here, Barret, thanks for the recap. Sara seems fine. She’s shaken up, sleepy and the only injuries I can see are a scraped paw pad, and two scrapes on her back legs and a little bit of swelling. Her vitals were normal and she’s got pink gums, a normal appetite and no limping. Phew. I feel like we really dodged a bullet there. Certainly we’ll be turning on the child window locks from now on. We’ll see how sore she is in the morning. That could have been so much worse. I’m so thankful.

I do have one little complaint for the Universe though: one dog who ate a pin cushion as a pup and needed emergency surgery, one dog with cancer, and one very accident-prone dog (she’s hurt her back trying to climb a tree and trying to use speed to propell herself through a cat door, and fallen down the steps). All under age 4.5. Really? I’m perfectly fine with a boring life, I don’t need all these veterinary crises!

My vet just put a very amazing addition on his practice… I suspect I helped pay for a lot of it.

Dog fell out of the car
Dog fell out of the car
Dog fell out of the car

Now, time for me to stop checking in on the poor girl every 5 min so we can both get some sleep!

~ by BarretsMomHeather on August 16, 2013 .

7 Responses to “I’m my sister’s hero today”

  1.   Michelle Says:

    Wow Barret thanks for saving your sister today. You definately are a hero. Keep up the good work

    Michelle & Sassy

  2.   maximutt Says:

    Barrett, great job! You are a hero!! Sara, please stay away from car windows from here on out!
    Glad to hear everything turned out okay!!

  3.   fourminipups Says:

    Oh my gosh! How scary is that?! So glad Sara is ok. We have gotten in the habit of using child lock for both directions as we had one get his head stuck in the window.

    Way to go Barrett – proof positive of the greatness of tripawds!

    I bet the vets get all excited when they see yur number on caller ID and start to plan what they can buy next!! 🙂

    Luanne and Shooter

  4.   benny55 Says:

    A tripawd hero already….and now you sister’s hero! You are one busy boy!

    Stellar job Barret! Just stellar!

    I shutter to think what would have nappened had you not alerted your dad! Really, it could have been very tragic had you not taken charge of tthe situation.

    Sara, you are so precious to your whole family so you don’t have to pull stunts like this just to get attetion! Okay?

    Happy Hannah says she wants us to come over and kiss your “boo boo” and make it all better. She’s convinced her slobber has healing powers. Anytime I get a “boo boo” she wants to slime me with her “magic slobber” and make it all better. Don’t need “no stinking” anteseptic!

    Sara, you have such a sweet face and you look adorable all covered up in your blankie.

    You stay close to Barret–he’s gotyour back:-) 🙂

    Barret, you need to milk this for all it’s worth:-) You are the hero of the hour and you can get anything you want right now! Although, I doubt that that’s much of a deviation from your normal routine!

    Saluting you Barret! Hugs to you and Sara! Dad, you did a good job too!

    Sally and Happy Hannan

  5.   Christine Says:

    OH MY!!! I’m soooo glad everyone was ok.. and Barret!! you rawk dude!!!
    That has always been a huge fear of mine when I have the pups in the car..
    phew!! Give her an extra milkbone from me…

  6.   micaroxy Says:

    What a hero you are, Barret! I’m glad your sister is okay!

  7.   lorimomofasaint Says:

    Awww go Barrett! ! Hope your sister heals fast and you guys need to give your parents a well deserved breather from all the puppy crises! !! 🙂 heal fast!

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