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How long has it been? Oh yeah 4 months!

Hi Everypawdy, Just Barret checking in. Tomorrow marks 4 months. So far so good! Mom has been so busy with school and work and life that time is just slipping away from her. She really needs to take a minute to be more dog 🙂 She was so busy we didn’t even put candles on my sister Sara’s birthday cake – we just ate the cake without any fanfare. I liked it, but it sure was unusual!

She keeps up with all the tripawd blogs through something called an RSS feed, so she’s still thinking of everyone and wondering how they’re doing.

Mom says now that fall has officially arrived, its time for me to get all my clothes back out. Problem is, none of them fit me anymore! The only one that doesn’t trip me up is my sock monkey sweater. I think its embarrassing to walk around in, but she promised to take in some of my hoodies and tshirts this weekend, so I guess I can deal with that. MonkeyBear

Wishing everyone a happy [rainy] Thursday. I’m happy because mom let me stay home from our walk this morning because I hate the rain 🙂

~ by BarretsMomHeather on October 10, 2013 .

4 Responses to “How long has it been? Oh yeah 4 months!”

  1.   Christine Says:

    How can you not fall i8n love with this??
    those eyes Barrett!!
    Stop it.. don’t look!
    ok.. tell mom to give you another treat from me……..
    don’t look!
    ok.. and one more.. and another….

    Chrsitine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  2.   Christine Says:

    you know.. I really should not type before I have my morning coffee!!! I can’t spell!! geesh!

  3.   benny55 Says:

    Yaaaaaay for not typing right!

    Heather, these pictures of Barret just rock my world! Every sngle picture that boy has ever taken is pure cuteness!! I would never be avle to deprive that boy of anything ne wanted!

    Realy flad to get an update from yo AND pictures!

    Barret, you tell your mom to get back into that “being dog” thing, okay?


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4.   benny55 Says:

    OMD! I was so enthralled with your photo, I forgot yo say HAPPY AMPUVERSARY!!

    Good job! WONDERFUL!

    And Happy Virthday toyour sister too!

    CAKE AND ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE! Face plant into the cake! YUMMY!

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