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Today marks another ampuversary

5 months. It seems like forever ago, then when I am in the forums and a new member comes in with all the uncertainty and questions.. it takes me right back to that hellish emotionally charged month before amputation.

Even now, 5 months after amputation, sometimes I will look at him; this perfectly happy, bubbly dog on 3 legs, and I think, oh my god. I can’t believe I did that to him. I have to remind myself that he had CANCER. He has so much more life to live and I gave him that chance. I have no regrets. I don’t think I’ll ever regret the decision, but sometimes it is still a shocking sight. He never did really regrow hair where they shaved him.

Other times we have those silly moments, like right before we go somewhere and he runs excitedly up and down the steps a dozen times before I get down the steps. I just laugh because nothing, NOTHING can take away his energy and zest. Not even when he stumbles on the last step or two. He just gets right back up and charges back up the steps again, hurrying me along.

He is truly one of a kind. My Bear. My baby. And I love him more than anything else.


~ by BarretsMomHeather on November 11, 2013 .

7 Responses to “Today marks another ampuversary”

  1.   Christine Says:

    geesh.. girl.. will you STOP with these “too freaking cute for camera” photos? I mean relaly.. how can I work with this huge stupid grin on my face? People are going to think that I like my job!!!
    ok.. hang on.. no don’t stop… I gotta look at that one again…
    oh yea.. there it goes.. ear to ear… .

    I remember when Barret was diagnosed and you were leading up to the amputation. I can remember all those emotions of “oh my gawd, what are we doing to him” and then those feelings get squished down because we see them pain free.. happy.. running… slopping.. and topping off the charts on the cuteness meter scale!!

    Congrats Barret on kicking cancer’s ass for 5 months!!
    you rawk dude…
    (even in that sweater that makes you so damn cute! – geesh.. there is goes again!!)
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Trust me! NO ONE notices his hair growing back, or even if he has three legs! We are all so captivated by his face…that expression…those eyes…we don’t even look anywhere else!! He is truly one of THE most adoravle pups on tne planet!! That boy kws how to work that camera!!

    CONGRATULATINS!! FIVE MONTH AMPUVERSARY FOR BARRETT!!! Nope, nothing slows that voy down!! He IS one of a kind, that’s for sure! An absolutely delightul soul!

    Yeah, with every ampuversary it seems as though time “flies by”! Depending on the different “diagnosis”, you are sooooo grateful for each victorius moment, yet, you want them to slow down sometimes and not slip away so quickly. Can’t wait for the ampuversaries to get here…and …want them to slow down gettng here too!! Crazy trip!

    You and Barret are an amazing team Heather! This site is DEFINITELY blessed to have you by our sides n this journey. Thank YOU for all your co tibutions!

    Barrett, what’s your special apiversary dinner going to be tonight? Perhaps steak topped with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce? Hmmmmmm……hold out for it Barrett! You can eat all your “nutritinal stuff” tomorrow!!

    Keep those amuversaries coming and keep on living your life to the fullest!!
    Sending you voth lots of love!

    Sally nd Happy Hannan

  3.   Michelle Says:

    HOLY COW look at that cute picture. He is so darn cute. HOppy Ampuversary. I can’t believe its been 5 months already. Amazing. Keep going Heather & Barret.

  4.   jerry Says:

    Awwwww…hoppy ampuversary Barret!

    You perfectly described the life-changing way of seeing the world once you go through the Tripawd experience. Once we see how a Tripawd handles such adversity, it makes all of our own ‘problems’ pale in comparison doesn’t it?

    Three paws up to you and Barret on another big milestone!

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