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No words

• January 18, 2021

I have no words to describe the pain I feel knowing that you’re gone–that I’ll never feel your nudge to be let under the covers in the middle of the night, and that no one will be waiting for me to get out of the shower to scruff on my dirty towel. Last night I […]

6 Months + My Wish List for Santa

• December 12, 2013

Hi there, Barret here. Momma came home with cupcakes yesterday and told me it was my 6 month ampuversary! Wow how time flies 🙂 Nothing much new to report on in our house. I keep being a naughty boy and sitting on the kitchen table and chairs. Mom said she might try feeding me dinner […]

Today marks another ampuversary

• November 11, 2013

5 months. It seems like forever ago, then when I am in the forums and a new member comes in with all the uncertainty and questions.. it takes me right back to that hellish emotionally charged month before amputation. Even now, 5 months after amputation, sometimes I will look at him; this perfectly happy, bubbly […]

Vote for Barret

• October 17, 2013

Do you have a second? That’s all the time it takes, honest! Can you pop over to Modern Dog and vote for me to win the Star Dog magazine spread? Pretty please? Then maybe share it with your friends so they vote too? I promise to be the bestest-most-beautiful-tripawd-ever-seen-in-a-dog-magazine! You’ll vote, won’t you. Pretty please..? […]

How long has it been? Oh yeah 4 months!

• October 10, 2013

Hi Everypawdy, Just Barret checking in. Tomorrow marks 4 months. So far so good! Mom has been so busy with school and work and life that time is just slipping away from her. She really needs to take a minute to be more dog 🙂 She was so busy we didn’t even put candles on […]

I’m my sister’s hero today

• August 16, 2013

Barret here, Mom wasn’t there when this happened, so I get to tell this story! Mom dropped us off at the babysitter’s (aka Grammie) this morning before work. Dad came to pick us up later. On the way home in Dad’s car we were just riding with the windows down partially. Sara jumped up on […]

2 months later!

• August 12, 2013

Hi everyone, Barret here! I can’t believe that it has been 2 months since my amputation. It honestly feels like it was a long long time ago! I had a really exciting time since my last post. I went swimming in my grandpa’s pool, although I think I prefer going to the creek so I […]

Business as usual

• July 26, 2013

I’m sorry Barret and I have been absent from Tripawds for a week or two. I have a greater appreciation for the veterans of this site who take the time to come to the site every day and help everyone. Now that Barret is doing good and I am not flipping out over every faceplant, […]

I’m Fine, but Momma’s Traumatized

• July 17, 2013

Had to share a pic of Sara, she looks too pathetic here Barret’s on hyperdrive, I swear. Yesterday he fell trying to get up on the back of the sofa and took a good tumble, was tripping all over his own feet and sliding around, crashing into things a lot playing with his sister, and […]

1 Month Milestone!

• July 12, 2013

Barret here, Mom’s been too busy catching up on work and studying Accounting to update the site much, so I hopped on to let everyone know that today is my 1 month ampuversary! I’ve been helping her study though. I don’t really know what ampuversary means because I’ve always had 3 legs, right? I don’t […]